Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Emma

GOTCHA DAY 7/26/2010
Welcome to our family Emma!!!
Emma, Dayton, Joyce, Esther
The Blakes have been together with Emma for a week now - its been a really hard week since Emma was in foster care and seems to miss her foster mom. Joyce writes, "We've now been with Emma for almost a week and still trying to see what personality immerges . . .she's 17mo, but developmentally she is 10-12.  While she has the walking mechanics down, she has no motivation to do so.  She cries alot more than I remember Esther crying, and Dayton can not be too far out of sight or she cries - we just weather thru it and we play together alot, sing alot (which she sings back and is really cute.)  Esther and I asker her if she was just a mello kid and she shook her head a definite YES.  We laughed and laughed - she was trying to figure out what was so funny." 

Please pray for them as they board the plane for the US next week - they will need all the prayers they can get traveling with two little munchkins! 

Can't wait to meet this adorable girl - she arrives home only a few days before I arrive back from DC. I will post pictures so that you can see the reunion of Richardsons & Blakes! 

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  1. Can't wait to meet Emma. Praying for their family