The first night - meeting each other and getting phone numbers! 

Megan and Andrew - our fearless leaders and organizers of the Academy

Father Pavone - one of the leading religious leaders in the pro-life movement

Andrew, Natalie and I decided to save on Metro fare and get exercise by walking the 1.5 miles to the office every morning. I don't know many people whose commute includes walking by the White House and the Capitol Building every morning!!! And every afternoon, the 6 of us walk back together. 

This is Ford Theatre where President Lincoln was shot. The NRLC office is right across the street!


We hung out on the roof of the office for a couple hours before Ultimate Frisbee one day - reading our homework.

Well, some of us were reading! 

A dream come true - Ultimate Frisbee on the Mall! Group photo of all Academy and some Interns!