Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Baby's Diary

Wednesday’s assignment was to write a speech over lunch on fetal development which we had learned about that morning from Wanda Franz, the president of NRLC, who has a PhD in Child Development. The instructions said to be creative, so I decided to take them up on the offer!

Many are fascinated with reading other’s diaries... people they admire or people who have an interesting perspective on life, like Anne Frank for example who had a peek into World War II through an attic hideaway. Today people spend a lot of time on Facebook or Twitter or blogs :-) because they can catch a glimpse into someone else’s reality. 

But have you ever wondered what it would be like if we could find out exactly what it was like for each of us to be inside our mothers’ womb for nine months? I wish that we could remember as adults what it must have been like during the earliest days of our lives. 

The good news is that now with advanced modern technology we can know more than ever before how each of us grow during the first months of life - and its an absolutely beautiful and break-taking process.

As a baby, perhaps this is what my diary would have sounded like.. (if I could have actually written a diary of course!)

Lennart Nilsson
(Sperm entering egg)
Oh my goodness! I’m alive!!! - a genetically complete, totally unique, single celled organism too small for anyone to see. You might be asking - how did I come to be? My dad’s sperm, a very persistent fast-swimming at that, united with my mom’s egg and ta-da! at the exact moment that these two completely separate cells united - you got me! I have all the DNA genetic information that I will ever need - from the beginning. 

Lennart Nilsson
8 days
You can now call me “Embryo”. I’ve traveled down my mom’s fallopian tube and found a safe home on the wall of my mom’s uterus. Snuggling in close, I’ve attached myself permanently for the duration. All my cells have differentiated and know exactly what part of the body they will become - whether it be my digestive system, my nervous system or my muscles. 

I’ve grown so much! I am now 1/6 inch long. My heart is starting to beat with my own blood and my other organs are starting to form too! How exciting! 

More growth - I now have eyes, legs and hands starting to develop. Life is good.

You’ll never believe it - I have brain waves now!!! And.... drum roll please, fingers and lips! I am happy to announce that I made my first movement yesterday as my nervous system is developing nicely. Especially around my mouth, I can finally start to feel things!
Lennart Nilsson
8 weeks
Super exciting news! I have a new name: “Fetus”. I am kicking and swimming around in my little swimming pool and the best part is that I still might be a surprise to my mom. She can’t feel my movements yet, but all my major body parts are present in my one inch long body. I have fingerprints too! 
12 weeks
WEEKS 9-12
So much is happening it is hard to keep up with journaling. I have fingernails! I can’t wait until I can have manicure parties with my mom someday. I starting to feel more and more... I think my brain must be developing more and I have more nerve endings everywhere. The best part is that I can now suck my fingers. Don’t forget - I love kicking and dancing. I think I’ll like swing dancing when I grow up. 
Lennart Nilsson 
18 weeks
WEEKS 16-18
The coolest thing happened: I had a dream last night! I think I saw a tall man with a kind, shining face and he was holding me tight. It made me smile. 
I also have skin and hair now - blonde to be exact. 
20 weeks
Just recently I realized that I can hear sounds! A very soothing voice is talking to me all the time - it is very sweet and reassuring. It must be my mom. I can’t wait to meet her! Sometimes I can hear a deeper voice. Yesterday the voice came closer and closer, and it sounded like it was talking straight to me. It sounded as if he was saying, “Hey baby, can’t wait till we get to meet you! Only a couple more months... Hang in there.” Well daddy, I can’t wait to meet you either! 
Lennart Nilsson
Today I felt a pressure right on me - as if my mom was placing her hand right over me. I kicked back to let her know that I can feel her - its such a fun game.
32 weeks
WEEK 32 
Sorry that I haven’t written in awhile, its taken all my energy to gain weight and height. I am so big! Its starting to get cramped in here - any way that I can get out soon? 

I am starting to have something in my lungs that I think is going to help me breathe better when I’m on the outside. Mom and Dad? I am SO, SO, SO excited to meet you finally! I have heard your voice for so long - you seem very wonderful. But I am going to miss hearing your heart beat, Mom. It helps me go to sleep. 

This is going to be a quick entry because ready-or-not-here-I-come! I’m ready to get outta here! 
I wonder what you’ll name me?

(This is me! Abigail - 'Source of the Father's Joy')


  1. This was great, Abby -- made me cry, thinking about YOU at that stage. I DID talk to you all the time.

    But I have news for you (sorry to break it to you at this stage of your life!), but your version of your origin isn't quite correct (and I quote):
    My mom’s sperm, a very persistent fast-swimming at that, united with my mom’s egg...

    The sperm was MINE. Guaranteed.


  2. Ha ha :-) Late night typo! a serious one at that!

  3. What a miracle YOU ARE! So glad you ran with your creative juices and took more time meditating on the wonder of being knit together in your mother's womb. So honored that I get to be your mommy.xoxo