Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July in DC!

I feel so blessed to have been able to spend fourth of July in Washington DC! Definitely epic.

All of the Academy (except Andrew - he went home this weekend) and a few NRLC Interns met at the office and walked over the Mall - people everywhere from every land and nation it seemed like! We staked out a spot on the Capitol Lawn - in the shade (thankfully, because it was HOT and muggy) with a perfect view of Washington Monument through an opening in the trees. All afternoon and evening, we ate, played Apples to Apples, played music (listened to Brandyn sing country - oh my), and just had a great time of fellowship. About 8pm, there as a concert that played even through the fireworks show! It was pretty sweet! Last year I sat on the steps of Lincoln Memorial and this year I was on the opposite end on the lawn of the Capitol!!! (Check out the pictures on PICTURES- WEEK 2)

The Metros were CRAZY - I looked it up on the internet and the Washington Post estimated that over a half a million people were trying to use the metro for the fireworks! But we beat the crowds by just walking the 22 blocks from the Capitol to GW. We've become practically experts in weaving our way through throngs of people now! :-)

The Academy guys, and a few of the interns, didn't want to go to bed by 11 since we have the day off work, so we grabbed ice cream and frozen pizzas and had a party on our balcony. We cranked up the music and even did a little swing dancing!  Quite a way to celebrate!

Yes, our freedom is a good reason to celebrate - but I was reminded of how much we can't take it for granted that we will always have freedom to just live and breathe. There are so many that want to take it away from us, and we can't lose heart or our focus and stop praying for our country and standing up for truth.


  1. Ice cream, pizza, and swing dancing on the balcony?! That sounds superb!! What an awesome day.

  2. Dear Abby,
    Thanks for blogging. It is so great to read what God is doing in and through you. Praying for you. Persevere!

  3. We went over to Grandma and Grandpa's and watched the Windsor fireworks from their back patio (it was POURING!). We watched the Washington, DC, show on TV and wondered if you were there! :) We looked for you in the crowd, but no luck. :)