Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Every life matters - including Emma's!

I was going to post my new speech about abortion today and about the lecture that we had about post-abortion stress disorders, BUT I took a 2 hour nap this evening...... and so I will try to post alot tomorrow!!!

Its been a absolutely wonderful week ... I am so happy this week as I watch God work wonders...
And to top it all off, we went swing dancing at a friend of a friend of a friend's mansion last night and all had a blast. I have been wearing a pedometer just for fun to see how far we walk every day (sometimes up to 7 to 8 miles!) and last night I am estimating that we danced 2 to 3 miles! Another dream come true- swing dancing in DC.

I received some AMAZING news today!!!!!!!!!! My aunt and uncle are leaving for China a week from today to go pick up their new daughter, Emma Abiella... They have been waiting for over 2 years to finally meet this beautiful baby girl and we are so excited to have a new member added to the family. Her older sister Esther (also adopted from China) is getting very excited to finally get to go to China as well. Emma will be 18 months old, and every picture that we've ever been sent, she's smiling from ear to ear. She was born with a cleft palate and cleft lip and has already had two surgeries.

Emma Abiella defies what many pro-abortionists claim - a) an unwanted child is better of never having the chance for life and b) those with disabilities have a lower quality of life and would be better off being killed than having to suffer. But Emma is an answer to our whole family's prayers of several years and will bring joy just by her presence and laughter. I can't wait to meet my new cousin (I will arrive in Indy a few days after she does!) and I am so glad that her mom chose life instead of an abortion. No one will ever be able to convince me that Emma, or any other baby, doesn't deserve a chance for life.
If you could keep my aunt and uncle in your prayers as they prepare for traveling. My uncle has had some health problems recently with his inner ear - he had surgery - but the completely incapacitating dizziness has been recently reoccurring (just yesterday). Please pray for their family every day that Jesus would heal him as they prepare to bring a new baby into their family.

This is my cousin Esther - who although only 3.5 years old - has brought SO much joy and laughter into our family and changed it forever.
Life wouldn't be the same without her. . . 

Just as the world will never be the same after the tragic death of even a single unborn child. We will never know who that baby would have grown up to become and the impact he would have made on the world - or in his family most importantly of all. 

I am so grateful that Esther's mother and Emma's mother CHOSE LIFE. 


  1. Getting news of Emma-what a wonderful and tangible way of putting an exclamation point on the lecture information. God's perfect timing again to help his truth come to light in a new way. Can't wait to hold that precious little one!

    xoxo -mom

    Loved the pix

  2. Thank God that their mothers chose life! I can't wait to meet your new cousin Emma! She is absolutely adorable!